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Toothache Relief: Home Remedies & When to See the Dentist

A mild toothache can quickly turn into an excruciating experience, disrupting daily life and causing discomfort. While it’s essential to seek professional help, home remedies may provide temporary relief. Take a look at our blog post where we share three remedies that you can try until you can see a dentist.

Sports-Related Dental Injuries

An athletic mouthguard can help your active family members avoid painful tooth injuries. Our Southbridge Dental Care team will create a custom-fitted, comfortable mouthguard to protect your teeth. Please contact us today to set up a consultation with Dr. Park!

Signs of Tooth Infections

If you believe you have a tooth infection, our team at Southbridge Dental Care is here to help you with a treatment plan. We’ll work with you to make sure the projected cost of your treatment is suitable for your budget.

5 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist

The health of a tooth is often at stake when accidents happen. Read our blog to learn what to do to try and save a knocked-out tooth. Find out about more dental emergencies as well. We offer emergency dental services at Southbridge Dental Care because your safety and oral health are important to us!