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How to Prevent Enamel Loss

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Strong teeth are healthy teeth, but over time, your teeth can grow weaker depending on your genetics, diet, and daily dental habits. Luckily there are ways to make sure you don’t lose your tooth enamel. In this post, we’ll review some of the ways you can prevent enamel loss.

What Is Tooth Enamel?

Your teeth have three distinct layers to them: the pulp which is the innermost, soft layer of the tooth; the dentin which is a semi-soft middle layer; and enamel, which is the hard outer layer of your teeth. Though tough, enamel is porous in nature, which means that acid and stains can penetrate through your enamel if it isn’t strong enough.

4 Ways to Prevent Enamel Loss

Below are a few ways to prevent enamel loss.

    1. Eat a healthy diet

    Your diet greatly impacts your dental health. Sugar, starches, and acidic foods and beverages are all known to wear down your enamel, because when the bacteria on your teeth break down these foods, they release harmful acid in return. Instead, enjoy a balanced diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, fiber, protein, and vitamins and minerals (especially calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus).

    2. Brush & floss regularly

    Plaque and bacteria buildup can eat away at your enamel. Keeping your teeth clean by brushing and flossing twice a day is one of the most effective ways you can prevent enamel loss.

    3. Use proper brushing technique

    How you brush can impact the health of your tooth enamel. Dragging your toothbrush back and forth across your teeth can be abrasive on your teeth. Instead, brush your teeth using small, gentle circles to reduce friction and properly clean the surface area of your teeth.

    4. Drink plenty of water

    Water naturally wicks away bacteria and plaque for your teeth. Instead of opting for sugary, acidic beverages, up your water intake to keep your teeth strong. It’s even better if you drink fluoridated water since fluoride helps protect teeth from decay.

Affordable Preventive Dental Care in Southbridge, MA

The best way to make sure your enamel is strong and healthy is by visiting your dentist for twice yearly dental visits. Southbridge Dental Care provides dental services for the whole family, so there’s no need to look for a separate dentist for the kids.. We provide a variety of financing options to suit your needs no matter your budget. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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