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How to Protect My Child’s Smile During Sports

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Do you have a young athlete at home? As you get their schedule organized and make sure they have all the gear they need, don’t forget an important aspect of their safety: dental protection! A sports mouthguard is a simple item that can save your child from some painful dental damage.

How a Sports Mouthguard Works

A sports mouthguard, or an athletic mouthguard, serves as a protective barrier between external forces and the teeth and gums. Ideally, these appliances are made from material that is both durable and flexible, which means they are comfortable to wear while providing optimal protection.

When your child wears a well-fitting mouthguard, it can significantly decrease their risk of experiencing a serious dental injury if they get hit by equipment or another athlete, or if they fall. Some possible injuries include chipped teeth, cracked teeth, a knocked-out tooth, and lip lacerations.

Where to Get a Sports Mouthguard

If you do a quick search online, you will see that there are several online shops where you can buy a sports mouthguard. Some of these may be the “boil-and-bite” type, which means that you first put them in hot water to become pliable and then fit it around your child’s teeth using their tongue and fingers to shape it around their specific mouth structure. Other over-the-counter mouthguards are usually one-size-fits-all and very uncomfortable.

To get a truly custom-fitted mouthguard, visit our expert team at Southbridge Dental Care! We will take an impression of your child’s teeth to craft a comfortable and snug-fitting mouthguard that will provide the best fit and protection available. This means better coverage and comfort for your child, and less anxiety for you as a parent!

So, if your child needs a custom sports mouthguard, schedule an appointment with us at Southbridge Dental Care. We’d be happy to help so that your child can keep their smile well-protected through each and every practice and game. Contact us today!

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