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How Root Canals Can Help Your Dental Health

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Root canals get a bad reputation due to some dated information and misconceptions about the procedure. They are actually an incredibly beneficial procedure. Here’s more information about root canals and how they can help your dental health.

Removing Infection

When patients need root canal therapy, the reason is usually that decay has made its way to the interior of the tooth. When this happens, patients will experience inflammation and infection. Not only will a root canal procedure take care of the pain, but it also targets and removes the infected tooth pulp. This stops the infection from spreading and causing greater health implications. After removing the affected pulp, Dr. Park will disinfect the area and seal the tooth, leaving it essentially as good as new.

Saving the Tooth

Not only do root canals allow us to remove nasty and dangerous infections, but they allow us to save the natural tooth. You may be wondering, why is saving the natural tooth a priority? Especially when today there are so many wonderful restorative procedures available. While it is true that modern restorative dentistry is truly miraculous, it’s almost always best to save the tooth if we can. Saving your natural tooth is safer and more cost-effective in the long-run. And keeping your natural tooth in place is also better for the integrity of your smile and jaw bone in the future.

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