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Should a Tooth Extraction Hurt?

Masked dental professionals prepare for a tooth extraction.

No one likes to think about getting a tooth pulled out, but thanks to modern dentistry, extractions are much more comfortable than in the past! What can you expect during this procedure? Will it hurt?

When Tooth Extractions Are Needed

There are a few scenarios where a tooth needs to be removed. Wisdom tooth removal is the most common. If they’re impacted or causing alignment issues, taking them out improves your oral health. Teeth can also become damaged, decayed, or infected. We always try to save teeth if possible, but there are times when removal is the best treatment option.

Are Tooth Extractions Painful?

We numb your gums with a local anesthetic before extracting a tooth. You’ll feel pressure during the procedure, but no pain. If you’re nervous about the extraction, we offer oral conscious sedation. You’ll still be awake, but much more relaxed.

What Should You Do After an Extraction?

Discomfort is common after tooth extraction. Please plan to rest for at least the remainder of the day. It’s even better if you can take it easy for a few days. Prescription or over-the-counter medication should alleviate any pain. If the pain isn’t reduced or you experience other problems like persistent bleeding, please give us a call right away. For meals, stick to soft foods for a few days. Applesauce, smoothies, yogurt, lukewarm soups, and scrambled eggs are good choices. Don’t use a straw to drink anything. We’ll go over the full aftercare instructions during your consultation. Following our recommendations helps you avoid dry socket and other issues.

Tooth Extractions at Southbridge Dental Care in Southbridge, MA

Tooth extractions make most people anxious, but Dr. Park and the team are here to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. An anesthetic eliminates any pain. If you have questions about extractions or wonder if you might need one, please contact us today!

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