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Signs of Tooth Infections

Brown skinned woman with dark curly hair with her fingers to her cheek indicating a toothache.

Tooth infections, also known as tooth abscesses, can occur even if you have a consistent brushing and flossing routine. Here’s what you need to know in order to prevent and treat tooth infections.

What Causes Tooth Infections?

The most common causes of tooth infections, aside from lack of proper oral hygiene, are trauma and poor diet, especially diets that are high in sugar and acidic foods and beverages.

What Are the Symptoms of a Tooth Infection?

Tooth infections come with telltale symptoms. If you have any of the listed symptoms, it’s best to schedule an appointment with Dr. Park sooner rather than later to have your mouth examined. At Southbridge Dental Care, we offer same-day emergency dental appointments to give you peace of mind.

  • Severe toothache
  • Tooth sensitivity, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Fever
  • Swollen face, neck, or lymph nodes
  • Bad breath
  • Bad taste in your mouth

Tooth Infection Treatment

Depending on what stage your tooth infection is in, you may need root canal therapy in order to clear your tooth of the infection and preserve it. Root canal therapy gets a bad reputation for being painful, but really the procedure is quite simple and pain free. During a root canal treatment, Dr. Park will drill a small hole in the infected tooth to examine the pulp, or the innermost soft layer of the tooth, and flush out any infected tissue. Our team will then fill the area with gutta percha, a biocompatible rubber substance that acts as replacement pulp tissue. Finally, a crown or cap over your natural tooth will keep it protected from further infection.

Affordable Root Canal Therapy in Southbridge, MA

If you believe you have a tooth infection, don’t fret! Our staff at Southbridge Dental Care is here to help you restore your smile. Before we pursue any treatment plan, we’ll work with you to make sure the projected cost of your treatment is suitable for your budget. Give us a call at 508-764-4600 or schedule an appointment with us online.

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