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Sports-Related Dental Injuries

Split screen cartoon showing a youth getting a soccer ball hit to the face resulting in a chipped tooth.
Image by Authority Dental under CC 2.0

Playing sports is great for your physical and mental health, but there are risks. Dental injuries are a big one, so it’s important to protect your smile. What are the most common sports-related injuries? How do custom mouthguards help?

Cracked Teeth

A tooth crack usually occurs when an athlete gets hit in the face. A crack can be mild, but even small ones can be a problem since they weaken your tooth’s structure. Cracks can also expose the inside of your tooth to bacteria. You might experience symptoms like painful chewing or pain that comes and goes.

Fractured Roots

If you’re hit in the face, your tooth might crack at the root. Unfortunately, you probably won’t see these fractures, so you won’t know there’s a problem until you start experiencing symptoms. You might get an infection. At that point, a root canal may be necessary.

Knocked-Out Tooth

This is one of the most feared dental injuries. If your tooth gets knocked out, it’s best to wait no longer than a half hour to see an emergency dentist. We may be able to re-implant the tooth. Pick it up by the crown (not the root end) and carefully rinse it off. Transport it to the dentist in a cup of milk to help keep the tooth alive and moist.

Chipped Teeth

A chipped tooth isn’t usually as traumatic as a knocked-out tooth but it still needs immediate attention. Bring the chip if you can locate it. Depending on the circumstance, there’s a chance it can be used to repair the tooth.

Tooth Intrusion

An intrusion is when you’re hit in the face, but instead of getting knocked out, your tooth gets pushed back into your jawbone. Kids who still have their baby teeth experience this injury more, but it can happen to anyone.

Prevent Dental Injuries with Custom Mouthguards From Southbridge Dental Care

To avoid painful tooth injuries, you’ll need to wear a mouthguard while playing sports. You can find mouthguards in stores, but custom ones from a dentist are way more comfortable. They are more expensive than what you get at a store, but consider them an investment. You’ll be more likely to wear the mouthguard if it’s comfortable. Plus, they’re still cheaper than getting pricey restorative work on an injured tooth. If you have any questions about mouthguards or want to set up a consultation with Dr. Park, please contact us today!

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