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Headache Prevention in Southbridge, MA

Stress, sleep disorders, snoring, and other occurrences can cause a person to grind or clench their teeth. When grinding or clenching becomes frequent or repetitive, your teeth become at risk for damage, and you may experience chronic headaches. At Southbridge Dental Care, we offer non-invasive headache treatment via custom oral appliances to help prevent chronic headaches from occurring. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for headache prevention in Southbridge, MA!

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Why do I get headaches in the morning?

If you find yourself waking up with headaches in the morning, you’re not alone. Sleep or health disorders and personal habits can trigger headaches when you wake up. Typically, sleep apnea, teeth grinding, toothaches, or a misaligned bite are the common culprits contributing to these unpleasant morning headaches. While you might not expect your oral health and headaches to be related, they are likely, so it is best to schedule a visit with a professional like Dr. Park for evaluation.

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Do headaches go away on their own?

In the unfortunate case that you experience a headache that does not go away on its own, you may have an underlying issue that needs headache prevention treatment. While consistent sleep or finding a relaxing routine may reduce the number of headaches you experience, a mouthguard for headaches or another custom oral appliance is likely to aid in headache prevention treatment.

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How can headaches be prevented without medicine?

Headache prevention is possible without medicine. At Southbridge Dental Care, we offer custom oral appliances to help treat headaches so you can enjoy tense-free mornings. When you visit our Southbridge dentistry, we may suggest an NTI appliance which is a night guard designed to reduce muscle contraction, tooth wear, and joint strain, which can lead to fewer morning headaches. Our friendly team can also provide you with specific headache prevention tips to help you combat headaches!

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