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Children’s Dentistry in Southbridge, MA

We understand that it’s important to find a dentist who can care for every family member’s dental needs. With Southbridge Dental Care, we offer treatments for everybody in one convenient location. In order to be as inclusive as possible, our office cares for children of all ages. No smile is too small to be healthy!

young, smiling girl holding up an x-ray of her teeth

Knowledge is Power

We believe that a children’s dentist should be centered around providing helpful information in positive ways to impact a child’s dental health early on. Our team spends extra time with our younger patients to explain the importance of dental care and the role they play in their oral health. Our goal is to make their visit with us both fun and informative, so they will look forward to visiting us every six months and taking care of their smiles!

three young sisters brushing their teeth together

Establishing Healthy Routines

We hope to develop and reinforce a healthy at-home regimen for every patient. During your child’s visit, we will work creatively with them (and you) to establish a dental hygiene routine that will set them up for success. By teaching them the correct ways to care for their smile, we can decrease the likelihood of future cavities and decay.

a happy family

Family Block Appointments

We understand that your family is busy and fitting multiple trips to the dentist throughout the year just doesn’t accommodate that. For your convenience, we offer family block appointments to get everyone in and out on the same day. To keep you comfortable while you wait, our office is complete with complimentary internet access, televisions, and refreshments. So sit back, relax, and leave the rest to our team.

mother and daughter playing together

Convenient Scheduling

A main concern when dealing with children’s dental care is scheduling their appointments. It can be difficult to make time for children’s dentist appointments between work, school, extracurriculars, and everything else that fills up our daily schedules. Our goal is to make visiting us as convenient as possible. We are open until 5PM every weekday and we even offer Saturday appointments between 8AM and 12PM. Once your appointment is scheduled, we’ll send you a reminder through your preferred method of communication.