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Do Veneers Protect Your Teeth?

closeup illustration of a woman's mouth with a dental veneer being held up next to her teeth

Dental veneers is a cosmetic treatment that permanently enhances the appearance of your smile. If you have chips, cracks, small gaps, irregularity, or discoloration in your teeth, dental veneers can improve and even out the appearance of your teeth. Veneers are thin sheets of delicate, tooth-colored porcelain that are custom-made for your smile. They are bonded to the front of your natural teeth to boost the overall look and feel of your smile.

During the bonding process, your dentist will likely need to remove enamel from your existing teeth to properly attach the veneers. This makes them a permanent dental procedure. A good set of veneers can last around fifteen years or longer when well-cared for.

What Can Dental Veneers Do for Teeth?

This treatment can also help protect your teeth! If you have weak enamel on your natural teeth, dental veneers can act as an additional layer of protection over the teeth. Moreover, dental veneers can decrease sensitivity you might experience when eating or drinking hot and cold foods and beverages. In other words, not only do dental veneers enhance the look of your smile, but they can also protect your smile by giving your teeth a durable layer of protection over the enamel.

Other Ways to Protect Your Teeth

To promote good oral health with or without veneers, you must: brush your teeth twice a day, floss every day, maintain a balanced diet, avoid tobacco products, and visit your dentist twice a year for routine cleanings and examinations. At these checkups, your dental team can also identify if you have any other dental concerns, such as decay or gum disease, that need treatment.

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