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TMJ Therapy in Southbridge, MA

Recurring jaw pain may mean you are suffering from TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder is when the temporomandibular joints, the two joints that connect each side of the jaw to the skull, become dysfunctional and lead to jaw pain. This pain can result in difficulty chewing or speaking. At Southbridge Dental Care, we provide TMJ treatment to relieve jaw pain and help TMJ function. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our TMJ dentist in Southbridge, MA!

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How do I know if I have TMJ?

TMJ disorder may surface in a variety of ways. However, jaw pain is the most common symptom of TMJ. But, TMJ can go beyond the jaw and develop into other areas of the body. TMJ causes muscle tension and inflammation that may leave you experiencing even more pain. Paying attention to your body to evaluate TMJ causes can help you determine on your own if you have TMJ.

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When should I see a dentist if I have jaw pain?

Depending on the severity of your jaw pain, you may be able to hold off on seeing a professional for a while. However, without TMJ treatment, jaw pain is only bound to get worse. It is time to start searching for TMJ treatment near me when pain is accompanied by headaches, neck pain, clicking, or popping sounds. A professional can correctly diagnose you and help you begin a personalized TMJ treatment plan.

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What is the treatment from TMJ like?

TMJ disorder can disappear over time or get reversed and treated with professional help through TMJ treatment. TMJ treatment will begin with evaluating your habits. For example, if you are guilty of teeth grinding or clenching, a custom mouthguard can stop pressure directly from being put on the TMJ. Or TMJ treatment may involve performing TMJ exercises daily. When you meet with our TMJ dentist in Southbridge, MA, you’ll receive the information you need to reduce your TMJ pain as quickly as possible.

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